you never get used to it, you just get through it

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

...he's off to the desert.

Afghanistan - where my heart currently resides.
Deployment - the reason my heart is in said country.
6997.4 miles - distance between my body and my heart
8 hours, 30 minutes - time difference between columbia and afghan.

If you think you know what missing someone feels like, send them to afghanistan and get back to me. I thought I had gotten used to missing daren, since he's been living in germany for the last 7 months, but HA, boy was I wrong. It's a different form of missing someone, because now my missing him is also coated with worry and anxiety.

It's been exactly one week since daren shipped out, and its just now hitting me how much the next 6 months are going to suck. The distance makes you think, and it makes me think about how much I miss life being easy. Before daren was in the army. Dont get me wrong, I love daren being in the army, there's nothing I love more than telling a stranger that the love of my life is a soldier and seeing their reaction (as long as its a good one, i hate the "oh, that must be tough, im sorry" ones).

So one week down, 51 to go.