you never get used to it, you just get through it

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new experience

Sorry I havent written in awhile guys, I've been pretty busy! I recently moved away to school! Exciting! I am now living at Salisbury University. However, the campus is pretty dead at the moment. I moved to school 3 days early because I am cheering! In 2 more days i'll get to meet all the friends I made on facebook, and meet everyone in my dorm.

But im super exhausted from cheer camp today. Hope you enjoyed the update. Btw Daren is doing pretty well :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I need everyone's help. Daren recently lost a good friend due to this stupid situation we call a war. His name was Paul Cazzupe II. I know Paul's family could use some thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Also, here's the link for his facebook memorial page. You may not have known Paul, but it'd be nice for everyone to leave a nice thought. RIP Paul Cazzupe II Also, send some thoughts and prayers out to Daren. He's having a hard time dealing with this and I know he would appreciate the support.