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Monday, July 26, 2010

Answered prayers

I had an interesting evening the other night. I know all of us have had those moments, where in our soul we feel as though something has gone wrong. Well, that's how I was feeling the other night. Even though in my head I knew nothing was wrong and that everything was going to be fine, I had a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat.

I layed in bed for about an hour or so, wondering if he was okay. I hate being helpless. It's one of my least favorite feelings in the entire world. I better get used to it; i've been nothing but helpless since this deployment started. Not to mention, when you're in a shitty mood, it forces you to think about all the shittyness in your life.

I was basically on the verge of tears, when something amazing happened. God answered my prayers. I get a phone call from him at 1:30 in the morning. AHHHHHH. It's one of those moments that truly makes you feel as though God is listening and looking out for you. I had this cheesy ass grin on my face the entire conversation.

Daren's one of those guys who can make me laugh without even trying. He's the kind of guy who knows exactly what to say to make me smile and to make me happy. He's slightly insecure in a good way; in the way that makes me know he's scared to lose me. He likes to be reminded that I love him, and that I'm his forever. He's just humble enough that it makes you appreciate it. Most of all, he's the most amazing man I could have ever asked God for. He's the man of my dreams. No he's not prince charming, but who the fuck need's prince charming when you can have a soldier.

When we hung up the phone, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I was finally able to get some sleep; and I dreamt of the amazing life I have to look forward to with him.

I love you. Always and forever. Always.

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  1. Thank God he's fine!

    I know what you mean, because I prayed hard I'd make it through this week. And what I thought would be the hardest week, is turning out to be the best week I've had in a while.

    Praise the Lord for answered prayers.