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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The one's that keep you going

As military girls, we all know we have the moments where we want to tear our hair out, scream and sometimes just give up. But we keep on pushing because there's no possible way we could ever give up on the love we have for our military men. Thankfully, we all have those people in our lives who keep us from going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY; well, most of the time.

Whether its your family or some amazing friends, they're the kind of people you would trust with your life. In a way I'm grateful for my love being in the military, because I've met some amazing people, who I otherwise, never would have talked to.

Some of my best friends I can say, I have never even met. But they are my best friends because they have been there for me through every single day of this god awful deployment, and military relationship in general, when my real life friends have not been as much.

Your real life friends always have an excuse as to why they can't see you, or why they don't respond when you text them. My fellow army girls are there every second I need them, and don't ever think twice about offering me a shoulder to cry on, metaphorically of course since they're obviously hundreds of miles away lol.

You learn to open up your life to a total stranger, that you may or may not ever actually meet, and you thank god more times than you could possibly count, for bringing these people into your life.

Of course, you also can't forget the real life friends who do constantly make the effort to show you love and support. And I thank god every day for them as well. They don't try to understand, they just care.

Lastly there's your family, and his family. Even though they're crazy and sometimes you just want to kill them, they are the people who love you unconditionally. They are missing your military man too, so they kinda understand.

Just wanted to show a little love for every military girl, who loves and supports one another, while dealing with their own pain, lonliness and deployments. Some love and support to my amazing real life friends, and to our families.

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  1. I was in your place just a year ago, and I completely understand how you feel about your real friends not being there. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who understand your situation and will support you no matter what :)