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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 3,4,5 and 6 - parents, sibling, dreams, a stranger

Day 3 - Parents
Dear mom and dad,
i love you! you are amazing parents! i know i dont tell you enough how much i love you, and i know i dont tell you enough how grateful i am, but IM VERY! you guys are great and have given me so many things in my life! you have supported me through everything, and encouraged me in cheerleading. i could ask for better parents, and i am so thankful you guys are mine!

Day 4 - Sibling
Dear jeremy,
we're brother and sister, we fought lol, but you've been a great brother. i know i could count on you if i ever needed you. thank you.

Day 5 - Dreams
Dear dreams,
i have a lot of dreams. many dreams i know will never come true, but also many dreams that i know will come true. i dream about him everyday, and everynight when i am asleep. those are my favorite dreams<3

Day 6 - A Stranger
Dear Stranger,
im silly, stupid, crazy, in love, shy, outgoing, talkative, chipper, happy, sad and full of many other contradictions. and i am perfectly content being that way. my best friend is my boyfriend, and i love him more than words could explain. he's amazing<3

Gotten through almost a month of this deployement :) wow, time is actually flying. can't wait for him to be home!

first afghan picture! love you baby!

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